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Annexation Information - COMPLETED

The Annexation is complete.

Flash Flood Preparedness

With the start of monsoon and #FlashFlood season in the Las #Vegas area and Southern #Nevada, the Regional Flood Control District, Clark County Fire Department US National Weather Service Las Vegas Nevada and other community partners are reminding people about the dangers flood waters can cause. Just a few inches of water can sweep a person or a vehicle away.
Be prepared! View it here.

Lost and Found

Lost & Found
For property lost: (702) 736-2150(Security)
For lost or found pet: (702) 736-2150 or rrdispatch@gscsecurity.com (Rhodes Ranch Security can scan microchips.)

Rules of the Road

The following are general safety rules that the Safety Committee suggests that you follow while using our roadways.
·       Comply with the 25 MPH speed limit.  A fine is possible for non-compliance.
·       Fully stop at all stop signs.  A fine is possible for non-compliance.
·       Stop at the stop line if one is present.  If you cannot clearly see both directions, slowly creep forward until you can see that it is clear and then proceed.  If a stop line is not present, stop at the stop sign and then follow the guidance above.
·       Watch for pedestrians and others using the roadway.
·       Bicycles should use the marked bike lanes where they are present.  Ride with the flow of traffic and watch for cars, pedestrians and pets.
·       If bike lanes are not present, state law suggests riding with the flow of traffic and as far to the right as possible.
·       Cyclists should always wear a helmet.
·       Pedestrians should use the sidewalk whenever possible.
·       Do not walk in the roadway.
·       Pedestrians should watch for cars when crossing intersections and the roadway.